Phänologische Wärmestufenkarte des Bodetals im Bereich des Harzes

  • Stephan Pflume


Pflume, S.: Map of phenological thermal stages of the Bode valley in the area of the Harz Mountains – Hercynia N.F. 40 (2007): 235 -244.
Local climatic peculiarities of the Bode Valley in the Harz mountains are shown in a phenological map. On the basis of vegetation development, cold air basins and cold shadow slopes can be recognised. The lower section of the valley is warmer and is characterised by a valley wind system. Here is an example showing the Perennial Honesty (Lunaria rediviva), as a plant species of humid, shadowy habitats, and the Cinquefoil-Oakwood (Potentillo-Quercetum) as a subcontinental spread forest community the correlation between local climatic factors and the vegetation is demonstrated.