Der Steinkohlenbergbau bei Halle-Dölau (Sachsen-Anhalt). - Teil I: Historische Entwicklung, Fördermengen, Kosten und Ertrag

  • Eckhard Oelke
Schlagworte: Coal mining, Halle(Saale), historical development, personal, production


Oelke, E.: The coal mining near Halle-Dölau (Saxonia-Anhalt). - Part I: Historical development, production,
cost and yield. - Hercynia N.F. 51(2018): 1– 29.
North Halle (Saale) has marshaled coal mining in several places, at Plötz until 1967. Between Dölau and
Lettin the Dölauer revier developed. In two operating periods there was coal mining, 1736– 1806 for
the Prussian king and 1850– 1859 by the trade union “Humboldt”. The coal seam, formed in the highest
upper carbon, has been completely crushed and displaced in the lower perm by rhyolite intructions.
Therefore the coal reserves of most shafts were very small. From 1736– 1806, a total of 103000 tons of
coal have been extracted by 37 shafts of the old revier (1736– 1755) and the new revier (1744– 1806).
The main consumer were the both salaries in Halle (Saale).