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Bd. 22 (2011) Schultz, T.: Die Großpilzflora des Nationalparks Harz Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun
Bd. 27 (2014): Artikel 2014 erschienen (articles published in 2014) Second collection of Tilletia avenastri discovered in type material of Trisetum imberbe Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Alexandra Wölk, Bettina Heuchert
Bd. 3 (1999) Some additional species of Scolecostigmina Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun
Bd. 3 (1999) Some critical notes on the classification and the generic concept of the Erysiphaeeae Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun
Bd. 34 (2018) Some forgotten fungal names published by H. J. H. Brockmüller in the exsiccata Mecklenburgische Kryptogamen Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun
Bd. 19 (2009) Some new records and new species of powdery mildew fungi from Mexico Abstract   PDF
Maria de Jesús Yáñez-Morales, Uwe Braun, Andrew M. Minnis, Juan Manuel Tovar-Pedraza
Bd. 10 (2003) Some new records of powdery mildew fungi from Argentina (2) Abstract   PDF
Dr. Uwe Braun, Mirta Kiehr
Bd. 20 (2010) Some reallocations of Stenella species to Zasmidium Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Pedro W. Crous, Konstanze Schubert, Hyeon-Dong Shin
Bd. 10 (2003) SpecRat 1.0, a small computer program to study shifts in speciation rates Abstract   PDF
Klaus Bernhard von Hagen
Bd. 24 (2012) Stipellula, a new genus, and new combinations in feather grasses (Poaceae tribe Stipeae) Abstract   PDF
Martin Röser
Bd. 22 (2011) Synopsis der Flechtengesellschaften Sachsen-Anhalts Abstract   PDF
Rolf Schubert, Regine Stordeur
Bd. 18 (2009) Synopsis der Moosgesellschaften Sachsen-Anhalts Abstract   PDF
Rudolf Schubert
Bd. 16 (2007) SYNOPTKEY – a PHP program for online presentation of synoptic determination keys Abstract   PDF
Alexander N. Schmidt-Lebuhn, Michael Kessler
Bd. 2 (1999) Taxonomic notes on some species of the Cercospora complex (V) Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun
Bd. 14 (2006) Taxonomic revision of the genus Cladosporium s. lat. 5. Validations and descriptions of new species Abstract   PDF
Konstanze Schubert, Uwe Braun, Wieslaw Mulenko
Bd. 16 (2007) Taxonomic revision of the genus Cladosporium s. lat. 7. Descriptions of new species, a new combination and further new data Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Konstanze Schubert
Bd. 17 (2008) Taxonomy, host range and distribution of some powdery mildew fungi (Erysiphales) Abstract   PDF
Nosratollah Ale-Agha, Herbert Boyle, Uwe Braun, Heinz Butin, Horst Jage, Volker Kummer, Hyeon-Dong Shin
Bd. 12 (2004) The Carinthian grass hybrid Helictotrichon ×krischae (Poaceae tribe Aveneae) – epitome of a hybrid zone Abstract   PDF
Bettina Heuchert, Martin Röser
Bd. 32 (2017) The genus Taraxacum (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) sect. Erythrosperma in the northern coastal part of Croatia Abstract   PDF
Dr. Ingo Uhlemann
Bd. 25 (2013) The new genus Trisetopsis and new combinations in oat-like grasses (Poaceae) Abstract   PDF
Alexandra Wölk, Martin Röser
Bd. 17 (2008) The nomenclature of Erysiphe clandestina (≡ Uncinula clandestina) revisited Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Andrew M. Minnis
Bd. 32 (2017) The nomenclature of Septoria humuli – a case of confusion and misinterpretation Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Konstanze Bensch
Bd. 28 (2014) Tubakia chinensis sp. nov. and a key to the species of the genus Tubakia Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Steffen Bien, Lydia Hantsch, Bettina Heuchert
Bd. 28 (2015): Artikel 2015 erschienen (articles published in 2015) Two new cercosporoid hyphomycetes Abstract   PDF
Uwe Braun, Volker Kummer, Lydia Hönig
Bd. 30 (2016) Two new combinations in Sabulina (Caryophyllaceae) Abstract   PDF
Dr. Markus S. Dillenberger
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