Leafhopper diversity in home gardens – results of a survey in four countries across Europe (Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha)


  • Verena Rösch
  • Sebastian Schuch
  • Helmut Sára
  • Anita Sára
  • Slavica Marinković
  • Roel van Klink
  • Miljana Jakovljević
  • Felix Helbing
  • Ilia Gjonov
  • Martin H. Entling
  • Robert Biedermann
  • Roland Achtziger


Despite urbanisation being one of the main drivers of habitat destruction and biodiversity loss, home gardens can provide habitat for a wide range of species. Here we report the results of a leafhopper survey in 12 gardens in four European countries (Germany, Serbia, Austria and Bulgaria). Sampling was conducted in a semi-standardised way across the summer 2020. In total, 143 Auchenorrhyncha species with 2,361 adult specimens were recorded, including several red-listed species. The number of species per garden varied between 9 and 58. On average, around 26 species were found. Leafhopper diversity was positively influenced by garden area, age, plant diversity, extensive management and the cover of forests and parks in the surroundings, but also by the number of sampling dates. We conclude that extensively managed home gardens across Europe can support diverse communities of leafhoppers which is crucial in times of severe insect declines.



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