Untersuchungen zur Eignung heimischer Hirudineen als Bioindikatoren für Fließgewässer


  • Clemens Grosser
  • Dietrich Heidecke
  • Gerald Moritz


GROSSER, C.; HEIDECKE, D.; MORITZ, G.: Studies of the suitability of native Hirudinea as bio-indicators for running water. - Hercynia N.F. 34 (2001): 101 - 127.

The occurence and frequency of leech species of different running water in the south of SaxonyAnhalt
have been analyzed in dependence on the water pollution.
It was possible to find out something about the bio-indication of some species and ecological guilds.
Further more a Hirudinea indication model has been developed. This model offers an easy way of estimating the chemical parameter of a strech of running-water with the help of leeches, and of grading the water quality. The findings conceming the effect that certain concentrations of different chemical parameters hamper the development of the respective leech species might give Stimulation for assessing Iimits of the pollution of drinking-water. The determination key that is given contains nearly all German leech taxa of'fresh-water at the time of the creation of the manuscript (but not all of Piscicolidae ). It shall guarantee an easy determination of the animals which can partly even be carried out with the help of a magnifier in the terrain. In this way it is possible for a !arge section of people to use the model without any difficulties.