Untersuchungen zur Überwinterungsdormanz der Zikade Javesella pellucida (Fabr., 1794)

(Auchenorrhyncha, Delphacidae)

  • Marcel Seyring
  • Werner Witsack


Investigations on the hibernation dormancy of the delphacid Javesella pellucida (Fabr., 1794) (Delphacidae, Auchenorrhyncha). – The overwintering dormancy of the delphacid Javesella pellucida was investigated by laboratory and field studies. Under long-day conditions in the laboratory the development of J. pellucida occurs continuously. Short-day conditions induce a larval dormancy, which is established in the medium larval stages (L3 and L4). After conversion to longday conditions, the developmental time of the dormancy larvae is decreased. Larvae, which hatched from eggs later than 08.08.2007 in the field, only achieved the fourth larval stage until hibernation due to short-day conditions. The influence of low temperatures has a modifying effect on dormancy. As could be shown in field studies, Javesella pellucida hibernates in the third and fourth larval stages. The hibernation dormancy of Javesella pellucida is a photoperiod- driven oligopause in terms of Müller and Witsack.