Der Braunkohlenbergbau bei Halle-Dölau (Sachsen-Anhalt)

  • Eckhard Oelke


Oelke, E.: Lignite Mining near Halle-Dölau (Saxony-Anhalt). – Hercynia N. F. 42 (2009): 153 –166.
At the northern border of the geological Bennstedt-Nietleben Basin near Dölau lignite mining took place between 1693 and 1865. Hitherto almost nothing was known about this old mining. There are only a few old publications which are scattered widely. They were collected, considered in the following publication and completed by the study of archive material. The seam thickness was only about 1 metre. Four small mines had existed, the largest one was named “Anna”. It was an open cast mining during the first periods of lignite exploitation. Underground mining began in 1859. The whole mining was only of local signification.