Besonderheiten der Käferfauna in der Restauenlandschaft von Halle (Saale) bis Merseburg

  • Volker Neumann
  • Wolf-Rüdiger Grosse
Schlagworte: Elster-Luppe floodplain, bugs, neozoen


Neumann, V., Grosse, W.-R.: Specific features of the beetle fauna in the rest meadow scenery of Halle (Saale) to Merseburg. - Hercynia N. F. 48 (2015): 51 – 67.

Also these days, the remaining floodplains between Halle (Saale) and Merseburg shelter an extremely valuable beetle fauna. The aim of this article is to present characteristic, interesting and endangered floodplain representatives of some ecological groups of beetles of the FFH area No. 141, the “Saale- Elster-Luppe” floodplain between the cities Halle/Saale and Merseburg.

In case of the aquatic living beetle species impress especially the predatory living representatives of the great Diving Beetle (family Dytiscidae) and the herbivorous species of the Water Beetle group (family Hydrophylidae). Wide distributions in the floodplain reveal the epigeous living species of Ground Beetles (family Carabidae) and Rove Beetles (family Staphyliniidae). Plant stem and wood inhabiting species constitute the majority of the substrate rebuilding beetle species. Among them are highly endangered species such as the Hermit Beetle Osmoderma eremita or the Great Gold Chafer Protaetia aeruginosa.

Under the invasive species has the Harlequin Ladybird Harmonia axyridis firs occurred in 2002 in the area around Halle/Saale. In 2012, the weevil Stenopelmus rufinasus was detected in a pool with floating watermoss Azolla sp. in the floodplain.

Key words: Elster-Luppe floodplain, bugs, neozoen