Declaration on the publication of articles in NAL-live

Please read carefully the declaration below before submitting your manuscript. During submission, you will be asked to accept the declaration's terms.

I hereby release the submitted publication(s) to the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina (hereinafter: Leopoldina) for publication on the Academy's online publication server for an indefinite period of time. The following provisions apply to this:

1 Transfer of rights
The Leopoldina has the right to make the publication(s) permanently available in full text to the public for use on the Internet, to archive and maintain them. I retain all rights and am free to dispose of my work in any other way as long as this does not involve any restriction of the rights granted to the Leopoldina herein.

2 License
The publication(s) are published under the license CC-BY 4.0 International. The following notice is included in the publication(s): “This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.”.

3 Ownership of rights
I declare that the publication(s) mentioned above do not violate legal regulations, official orders or rights of third parties. In particular, I affirm that I am the sole owner of the rights or that I have all necessary rights of use. In the case of edited or joint works, I have obtained the consent of all authors involved. I am responsible for the content of the publication(s).

4 Royalty-free publication
Publication does not give the author(s) any right to payment of royalties.

5 Metadata indexing
The Leopoldina may change and/or complete the metadata provided by me if necessary.

6 Agreement to conversion
The Leopoldina is entitled to convert the publication(s) into a technically different data format if necessary to fulfil its archiving obligations. The Leopoldina is not liable for any changes that may occur during conversions.

7 Distribution of rights
The Leopoldina is entitled to distribute the publication(s), including the associated metadata, to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) and other document servers, databases and electronic archives with the same rights as mentioned above.