About the Journal

NAL-live is an online review journal in Open Access. NAL-live articles are peer-reviewed and published under the Creative Commons license CC-BY 4.0. The authors, but also other scientists, can further develop them in a peer-reviewed process by adding comments and additions. The documents thus reflect an open scientific discussion. Through constant updating, the texts should also provide a basis of information on the respective topic for politics and the media.

NAL-live aims to stimulate, moderate and document open scientific discussions. Once published, articles are continuously updated by the scientific community as "Living Documents". Thus new scientific developments are incorporated into the articles, new literature, new methods and new interpretation possibilities are taken into account. This results in annotated and supplemented (version 1.1 etc.) and revised or updated (version 2.0 etc.) articles.

All versions, comments and additions are assigned their own Digital Object Identifier (DOI), are completely and comprehensibly documented and thus remain permanently citable.

NAL-live is published in "Gold Open Access" format: No fees are charged to authors, readers, or libraries.

Find out more about the journal's concept in our brochure, try our preliminary discussion platform and watch our explanatory video (via YouTube):

With NAL-live the Leopoldina builds upon the tradition of the oldest scientific journal in the world, the Miscellanea Curiosa, founded in 1670 and continued to this day with the Nova Acta and Acta Historica Leopoldina.